PcKernow - Providing Friendly Computing Support To South East Cornwall

For the Home

Whether you use your computers for leisure, surfing, shopping, homework or just because you think you should have one, let PcKernow support you.

We can provide advice on:

  • Security
  • Internet Connections
  • Backing up
  • Keeping the youngsters safe online
  • Social computing
  • Shopping safe
  • Home Networking
  • Computer Buying

Home Computing Security

PcKernow believes in safe computing, the following pages will provide some tips on helping you to keep your computer clean, (virus free) and your family safe.

It is sadly very easy to get your computer, laptop, Apple Mac or even your mobile phone infected with a virus, Trojan or spyware. It is though relatively easy to take steps to reduce the risk and avoid the cost of expensive repairs.

  • Use an Internet Security Program.
  • Keep your Operating system up to date.
  • Download files only from reliable legal sources
  • Beware of links in email and social websites

The safety of your computer is important, and so is being safe on line. PcKernow prompts safe computing and can answer those questions, - like what is social networking, is twitting safe, what do I do with my data on line?

Too Many Options, which computer to buy

Buying a computer can be a nightmare, firstly getting through the language of computers, what's RAM, for example? Then of course, there's what do I need?

PcKernow can offer advice and support on your computer purchase, recommending a suitable about of performance for your needs.

In general, most home users do not need to spend thousands on a new computer. Unless you are planning on taking over the World, you will be fine with just a standard laptop or desktop.

What's a standard computer, suitable for home use. The following list will give you a good idea.

  • Dual core Processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 500GB Hard drive
  • Internet Security

What does all that mean, view our guides page, for some computing jargon definitions.

Tip:It is worth with a laptop trying some typing before you buy, as some people find typing uncomfortable with the position of their wrists and the mouse pad.

PcKernow Is Being Social

PcKernow is on social media, I guess we all have to be. Follow our latest news and keep yourself informed on the latest computing, internet and technology.

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