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Getting into computers for the first time can be tricky, the jargon can be a pain in itself.

Below you will find some guides to computers, and over time we hope to add some set up guides. Feel free to visit this site, to keep up to date.

For a basic over view, I normally describe a computer using the following human analogy.

The CPU is equivalent to our brain, the RAM is where we do our day to day thinking. The RAM is quick, but cannot store much information and not permanently. The hard drive is where we store our old memories, we can store more information on the hard drive, but it can be slow to get to. The motherboard is what links our body together, allowing each part to work in a useful manner.

So if you were going shopping, you may store your shopping list in your RAM, but if we were asked about our child hood memories, we would resort to our hard drive, while the CPU would allow us to communicate, walk and talk. I hope this analogy helps.


  1. CPU - Central Processing Unit - The brain, used to control the computer, process your work, and do calculations. The faster the CPU, the better.
  2. Ram - Random Access Memory - used for the temporary storage of data that is being used for current processing. The more RAM, the quicker the computer generally is.
  3. Hard Drive - used to store all the data on the computer, such as photographs, files, music.
  4. GPU - Graphics Processing Unit. - Used to display images on the screen quickly. Some computers have separate GPU cards, while some are included on the motherboard.
  5. Motherboard - The main circuit board, that links all the parts of the computer together. The CPU, RAM and GPU all attach to the motherboard.
  6. Cache - a quicker version of RAM, normally attached to the CPU.

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