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At PcKernow we pride ourselves in providing friendly computer and software support throughout the South East Cornwall area and Plymouth. Based in Liskeard, we support all computing needs to homes and businesses in Looe, Callington, Launceston, Saltash and Plymouth. Whether you have problems with your laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone we can support your computing requirements. We are based in the market town of Liskeard, and come to your premises, saving you the hassle of moving your computers to a store or repair centre.

With a strong customer base in the Liskeard and Plymouth area, you can trust that you are in good hands when you call PcKernow. On this website, you will hopefully find lots of useful information about computing; feel free to call us at anytime for total I.T. support.

We cover the whole of South East Cornwall, including Liskeard, Looe, Callington, Saltash, Launceston and Plymouth. Even if you just want computing lessons, please just call us and we can arrange some time to help you.

With over fifteen years of experience providing computing support in South East Cornwall our customer base is strong and includes a number of businesses and private homes. We are always happy to visit and if we cannot fix your problem there is no charge.

PcKernow provides advice about computer security, data storage, websites, broadband, networks, smart phones and tablets, remote working, cloud services, websites, databases and a whole range of other computing support issues.

Call Pckernow for a friendly computing service that will work with you in a friendly manner.

  • Broadband and email setup
  • Laptop, desktop, printer install
  • Computer and laptop repair
  • Security.
  • Server support
  • Data transfer
  • Data recovery
  • Virus removal
  • Advice on safe computing.
  • Websites.

Offer Security and Virus protection

A day does not appear to go by, without some scare about computer security. This could be down to a threat from a hacker, a virus you have down loaded, or safety while shopping on line.

We supply a full internet security program, and will help remove any threats that may have got into your computer. Don't take a chance, make sure you are safe, we provide a number of tips on this website, but the best rule is to apply common sense.

No reputable computer company will phone you up out of the blue and say you have a computer problem. Treat your computer security, like you would your house, or car. Don't hand over control of your computer to a stranger, however convincing they might sound.

Provide Home and Business support

It doesn't matter whether you have fifty computers on a business network, or just the one computer at home; we will apply the same care and attention to getting your computer running efficiently and safely. We will advise about data backup, security and help you get the most out of your I.T. Investments.

Visiting your premises at a time that is convenient for you, we will help set-up your I.T, computers, smart phones and tablets in a manner that is efficient and cost effective.

During the visit we will provide advice on computing security and get you safe online. Antivirus software is vital, and we will provide a product that gives you peace of mind that you are as safe as possible while browsing the web, banking online, or using social media.

If your computer is running slow, our visit will aim to improve the performance so you can get the most out of your I.T. infrastructure. A normal visit lasts no more than an hour, and we will do our best to warn you if the time is going to run over. No fix, then no fee.

Set up Networks

If you have a number of computers, laptops, tablets and phones all trying to get on the internet, your best option is to have a home or business network.

Network's provide an efficient sharing of your printers, internet connections, network drives and files. They are relatively straightforward to set-up, and can normally be done within an hour or two on site.

So if you want to share your computing resources around your home or business, then call us. We can set-up wireless and cabled networks, to meet your requirements.

Computing networks are cheap, efficient and allow everyone to be on line at the same time. If you are on broadband the chances are you will not have to purchase any equipment, but we will advise you about this during our visit.

If you wish to discuss your computer networking requirements and live in South East Cornwall or Plymouth, feel free to call us and we will arrange a convenient time to visit.

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